TitleCase: OA Book Club

Ready to work through that pile of data and business books in your office (or on your “must read” list), but want a fun way to discuss your key findings (and hot takes) with the community? TitleCase is for you. 📚

Grow your data knowledge with the OA Club

TitleCase is our community-sourced book club, facilitated by the Census community team. Here’s how it works:

  • 1-2 times per quarter, we choose our selected book via recommendations from community members 🏆
  • We giveaway copies of the book to select group members (or your friends to spread the knowledge) ❤️
  • We then get together 2-3 times per month to discuss as a group 💬
  • Whenever possible, we bring in authors for AMAs and workshops 📣
To find out more about the current OA Book Club pick, check out our events page for details.

Reminder: This is an OA Club exclusive event. If you're not already in our Slack community, apply to join using the form below. 👇
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