Build your career, your network, and your knowledge with The OA Club.

The OA Club is an incubator community for the next generation of data leaders.

What do we mean by incubator community?

Much like business incubators, The OA Club helps mid- to senior-level data practitioners uplevel their technical, management, and strategic skills through collaborative education, mentorship programs, exclusive resources, networking events, and more.
Data work is often lonely, especially for folks joining as the first data person (FDP). OA Club is where you can connect with data folks who understand your challenges and goals, and learn from and give back to your community members and peers.

Good-to-knows about The OA Club

What is the mission of The OA Club?

The OA Club is dedicated to helping mid- to senior-level data professionals uplevel their technical and non-technical skills while also growing their personal brands and careers.

Who is The OA Club for?

Our programming is designed for mid- to senior-level data professionals (data managers, analytics engineers, data engineers, data analysts, and anyone who is doing the work of those jobs under another title).

What kinds of data topics can I learn about in The OA Club?

The OA Club is dedicated to helping data practitioners find the tool & career support they need to be successful, including in areas such as:

  • Data career growth 
  • Finding data jobs 
  • Best practices for managing warehouses like Snowflake & Redshift 
  • Data consulting 
  • Women in data 
  • Marketing ops 
  • Advertising ops 
  • Best practices for tools like Braze, Google Ads, Hubspot, and Salesforce 
  • Data modeling tips & best practices 
  • Data automation 
  • Data visibility

And, of course, if you’re looking for support in any area that isn’t listed out about, please let our community team know at so we can connect you with resources. ❤️

What is Census's role in The OA Club?

The OA Club is lovingly fostered by the community team (and data nerds) at Census, the first and leading reverse ETL tool. While we’d love for anyone in the data community to try out our Operational Analytics platform, this is a vendor-agnostic community (which means you’ll never get sold to just because you’re in our community). Census believes that innovation in data wouldn’t be possible without data practitioners sharing their knowledge and expertise freely, and we’re honored to help folks do this within our community space. We abide by our own Code of Conduct.

Where do OA Club community programs take place?

Virtually and IRL! 🙌

Each month you’ll find 4-6 virtual events with data experts that you can access from anywhere in the world. We also regularly host happy hours and workshops across the US and Europe, with the most frequent programming in San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles, and London. Check out our events page.

How can I get involved in The OA Club?

No matter what challenges you’re looking for help with (or what topics you want to share knowledge on), we have programming for you. The easiest way to get involved is to join our Slack group, where we host biweekly networking coffees (OA Club Coffee) and AMAs with experts in the communities. You can also build your knowledge in TitleCase, the OA Book Club, or by joining our peer-to-peer mentorship program. If you love creating educational content for other data folks (and want to build your personal brand), check out our Write for Us and Teach for Us programs.

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