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Code of Conduct

The Operational Analytics Club is an exclusive community for data practitioners and leaders to come together, share their expertise, and learn from one another. We recognize that we have the opportunity to foster an inclusive, diverse and safe community for everyone in our industry who is looking for support in their careers and practice. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously and, as such, have drafted the following code of conduct to ensure that The OA Club is a safe, supportive space for all of our members.

First, and most importantly, we do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you, or someone you know, are on the receiving end of unwelcome behavior at the hands of any community member, please send our community team an email.

These guidelines are continuously evolving as our community evolves at the same time. For the most up to date information, please join and participate in our #oaclub-conduct channel.

1. General conduct guidelines for all members

Data practitioners and leaders of all backgrounds and identities are welcome in the Operational Analytics Club. This includes, but isn’t limited to, members of an culture, national origin, color, immigration status, race, ethnicity, educational level, social and economic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender and identity expression, age, family status, size, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.

In order to participate in our community, you must act with consideration, respect, and good faith. Afterall, we’re here to build a community, which means creating a shared sense of belonging for all members.

As such, all members must conduct themselves professionally and any forms harassment will result in a ban from our community, including:

  • Threatening language or actions directed at another community member.
  • Discriminatory jokes and language of any kind.
  • Posting sexually suggest, explicit, or violent behavior.
  • Posting (or threatening to post) PII (doxing)
  • Unwelcome sexual attention of any kind.
  • Personal insults.
  • Repeated harassment of others (each person determines what is inappropriate to them, if someone tells you to stop, honor that)
  • Advocating for, encouraging, or covering for any of the above behavior.

We’re dedicated to ensuring The Operational Analytics Club is a safe community today and as we grow. As such, we reserve the right to update and change this code of conduct at any time to protect the integrity of our community.

2. Conduct guidelines for data vendors

We recognize that the data community is as much about the folks who use tools as it is about the folks who build data tooling. However, to protect the integrity of our community and the discussion within it, we have a strict non solicitation code in place (this extends to the Census sales team as well).

We define a “vendor” similarly to other communities as someone who is a representative of a company (including contractors, freelancers, and advisors) that sells products and/or services to data practitioners, teams, and leaders. We ask that any employee of a data vendor act with an extra layer of caution in our community when discussing your tool or your competitors’.

3. What vendors are prohibited from doing in The OA Club

This non solicitation guideline means that vendors, investors, commercial users, or recruiters of any kind cannot use the community as a lead generating channel. Anyone belonging to these groups is in violation of this guideline and will be removed from our community if they:

  • Reach out to you to sell you a product or service (via DM or in an open channel).
  • Outbound you for a role at their company.
  • Ask you to consider investing in any opportunities.
  • Otherwise contact you with the goal of financial benefit.

This non solicitation prohibits vendors in the community from sourcing your name from our community lists and reaching out via a third party platform instead, too.

4. How vendors are allowed to participate in The OA Club

We recognize that vendors and their representatives are part of our community and we want to create a space where they can learn and grow, too. However, to maintain the integrity of the community, there are additional stipulations on how vendors engage.

In the interest of transparency, we require that all vendor representatives note their affiliation in their Slack profile (e.g. [title] @ [company] in their Slack bio).

Additionally, at this time, all new members go through a manual identity verification process by our team and no sales staff of any company is allowed.

We recognize that vendor representatives often have a unique expertise to contribute to discussions in the community. As such, please wait at least one business day before responding to any questions directly related to your product or service, or until an unaffiliated community member has responded (whichever comes first).

If you’re sharing content hosted on your vendor website, you are restricted to sharing it in our #vendor-content channel. Any violations of this guideline will result in your content being removed (you can repost in the correct channel after this happens).

If you are attempting to hire for an open role, you can post those opportunities one (1) time in our #data-jobs channel. You are not allowed to outbound any candidates directly in the community.

If you think the community would be better served by having a dedicated channel for your tool type, please reach out to our head of developer marketing, Allie Beazell, via Slack to request a dedicated channel. We will ask the community at large if this channel is something they see a need for before creating it.

Finally, no guidelines are comprehensive for all behavior. If you feel that anyone in the community is violating the spirit of the community’s mission, please reach out to an admin (Allie Beazell or Parker Rogers) in Slack.

Thanks and stay awesome,
The Census Community Team

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