OA Club Peer Mentorship Program

The future of data is built by brilliant people. Here’s where we can learn from each other.

Mentorship for experienced data folks

Community and learning aren’t just for new college grads and junior analysts. We know that senior data work comes with new, senior data challenges, and you shouldn’t have to solve them all alone. The OA Club Mentorship Program is a peer-based program (that means participants can be both mentees and mentors).

How the program works

The OA Club Peer Mentorship Program is a quarterly, cohort-based mentorship program. Community members can apply using the form below and we’ll match you with other data professionals based on two criteria:

  1. The disciplines or problems you’re looking for help with
  2. The disciplines or problems you can help people navigate
Mentorship engagements can either be done 1:1 over the course of the quarter (best for highly specific and technical topic areas) or in a small cohort (5 people max per group, best for those looking for a sounding board of peers). Please indicate on the form below which format you’re most interested in.

Please fill out the form below to get more information from our Community team on the program. 👇

Know-before-you-go questions

Why was The OA Club mentorship club created?

We know working in data (especially in senior or early-stage positions) can be lonely. We’ve been there. And we’ve also discovered that networking with supportive, knowledgeable peers can help you solve challenges and deliver value faster. The OA Club Peer Mentorship Program was created to help mid- to senior-level data professionals find community support and crowdsource solutions to operational analytics challenges from a trusted group of experts.

 Who can join the program?

We’re currently accepting applications to the program from mid- to senior-level professionals (meaning at least 5 years of experience in a data function) from around the world.

What we’re asking of program participants

We want to create a safe space for all program participants to learn, ask questions (even the vulnerable ones), and share their knowledge. To help us create an open and thoughtful mentorship environment (and community), we’re asking that participants:

  • Act with kindness and courteousness throughout the program
  • Respect others’ privacy (affectionately called the frienDA). Sensitive information should stay within your cohort.
  • Be intentional about what they’d like to get out of each mentorship experience, whether you’re learning or teaching.
  • Stay committed to meeting with your cohort or partner at least 2x per month for the quarter
  • Hold themselves and their peers accountable to these expectations (and our Code of Conduct)
What you get when you participate

We’re invested in helping all program participants advance their data careers. When you participate in The OA Club Peer Mentorship Program, you’ll gain access to:

  • A network of data experts and leaders from some of the best companies in the world 
  • Private Slack channels with your program cohort to discuss challenges (and connect with Census data experts) 
  • Quarterly program meetups in major cities (and some sweet swag if you’re located outside these areas) 
  • Promotion of your data content (e.g. blog articles, conference talks, webinars, etc.) during the duration of the program 
  • Exclusive access to VIP dinners & happy hours across the US throughout the year

Ready to level up your data career? Apply to the program below.

Got questions about the program?
Have a question or idea about how we can make this program even better? We’re all ears. Shoot our community team a message at oaclub@getcensus.com. We’re all ears.👂
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