Write for us!

Hey, you! 👋 Yes, you.
Do you know a lot about data? We mean, A LOT. Maybe you’re a data leader, an analytical engineer, or a data scientist. Either way, your title doesn’t really matter here at Census. What matters is you know the data space and how to write valuable content that data practitioners want to consume.
Whether you have content ideas of your own or you just want to write about all things data, you’re our type of people. So, if you’re interested in contributing to our blog, we’d love to hear from you. Census is always looking for freelance writers to deliver high-quality content for our community!

What you can expect from us

We’ll be honest: We want your article to be at its best, so we’ll push you to get it there. Once accepted into our writer pool, you’ll get responsive, constructive feedback on all your articles from our marketing team, and you’ll work closely with our content marketing manager on revisions. In turn, you’ll polish your writing chops and experience some serious personal development as a writer. 📈

What we're looking for

Someone who’s responsive, communicative, and has excellent writing and proofreading skills

Proven experience in the data industry (software engineering, data analytics, data science), or equivalent technical knowledge

Ability to understand and synthesize complex data topics for data community consumption

A portfolio of published technical work (e-books, articles, etc)

Preferably, knowledge of SEO best practices

What the typical process looks like

Once you apply and are accepted into the Census writer pool, we’ll:
1. Schedule a call to meet

We’ll chat about our expectations, you can communicate your expectations, and we’ll set a solid foundation for success. 💪

2. Agree on a topic

This can vary depending on if you have content ideas of your own, what your background/specialty is, if we have a backlog of ideas in our idea farm, etc. Either way, we’ll be on the same page (no pun intended 🤭) before you start writing.

3. Create an outline

You’ll create an outline in a Google doc; we’ll review and leave feedback to direct you in the drafting process.

4. Draft the article

Long story short (We’re 🔥 with the puns): This is usually the most iterative part of the process. You can start drafting in the same Google Doc as the outline and, once you’ve finished the first pass, our content marketing manager will prompt a technical POC to review your draft from a technical perspective.

If there are technical comments, you’ll be prompted to modify your article accordingly. Ideally, all technical issues will be caught during the first pass, but this may take a couple of rounds to perfect.

If there are no technical modifications requested, our content marketing manager will copy edit your article (and give you feedback so you can improve your writing moving forward!

5. Publish the article

We will publish the article on our blog under your byline (if you prefer to stay anonymous, that’s cool, too!). Then, we’ll distribute the article on our social media platforms to get the word out. You can cross-post the article on other platforms like Medium or your personal blog as long as you are able to add a canonical link to the article URL on the Airbyte website.

What you get out of it

This might sound intense, but it’s also super rewarding. Tens of thousands of your peers (and others in the data industry) will read your work, and you’ll learn a lot in the process—about communicating your ideas clearly, general writing tips, and even data as a whole. 🤯

Want to hear more?

Apply to our writer pool and if we think there’s a fit, we’ll reach out directly. 👇
And, yes, you’ll be compensated commensurate with your level of experience.
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